Thursday, April 28, 2011


On our first day in Niagara we went on a tour called Journey Behind the Falls. The start of the tour was a short video that was in 4-D about the making of the falls. On our next stop we went on an elevator down to the falls and got to get a close up of the water that flows down the famous Niagara Falls. From behind. We saw it from two different views. Behind and in front looking out on the falls.

 The next thing we did was, we rode on a cart above a whirl pool. The coolest thing, I think was the Butterfly Conservitory. The conservatory is home to over 2,000 butterflies! My dad even named one the bridal butterfly, a white butterfly with pale white designs.

 All of the butterflies in the picture above are Blue Morpho Butterflies.

The last thing we did was stop by the falls at night (without the tour group) to see the lights on it (not shown above).

Fun Fact: In the winter 19 million gallons of water flow down the falls per minute and in the summer 34 million gallons flow down per minute.

Question: Do you know why more water flows down in the summer than the winter? Keep checking my blog to get the answer.

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