Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hiking Days

Our first stop in Utah was Arches National Park. The first hike was to the Delicate Arch.

 That hike was 1 ½ miles long there and the same distance back. When we got up there we saw very strange arrangement of breakfast platters! We saw a rock shaped like a pancake with whipped cream on top and a fried egg. After we returned to our car we drove to another rock formation called Double Arch.

 It was right next to a cave that was named perfectly, The Cove of Caves. I said it was perfectly named because inside the cave there were three caves.

The next day we had more arches fun with the Landscape Arch and the Double O Arch. The Double O Arch was especially exciting because on the way there we went across a ridge with strong wind that was forcing you over the edge! Anyone under the age of six should avoid going on it.

This is me in front of Lanscape Arch (The picture of me is right above and the one of Lanscape Arch is above the picture of me).

After that scary experience we headed to the state park of Goblin Valley. I thought this was the most exciting because there were no trails, and it was filled with things to climb.

The items in this picture are called goblins, that is why it is called Goblin Valley State Park.

We were looking for a geocache, but we never found it.

Look at this picture closely. I am sitting on the edge a rock that is right over a mini canyon.
Before we left Goblin Valley I found a small cave that is narrow in the front and gets wider. It was not a very long cave, it went about 150 ft. to the other side from the entrance.
The last of our Utah visits was to Bryce Canyon. It was a tiring hike until my dad stared giving us one Skittle for every switchback. By the end of the hike, we were exhausted but had earned quite a bit of Skittles.

The Grand Canyon was the last hike we did before Las Vegas or a break from hiking.
This is the animal section the picture above is a lizard and the photo below ia chipmunk eating a Hershy's kiss

Our Grand Canyon hike wasw short but hard. The first part was down, down, down with no moving up and up was exaughsting.
Answer = The reason more water goes down in the summer is that there is a bridge and we all know in a bridge it stays because poles stick down in the water. Well that brige in the summer it looks like and ordinay bridge but in the winter gates are closed and you can tell because between poles there are lines at the bottom that are the gates.  

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