Monday, May 23, 2011

The trip to Oregon was really special to me. Oregon was the state I was born in and we went to see our old house. It is hard to believe that my parents did not bring our hot tub when we came to Virginia. We stayed at my dad’s work partner’s house with his two sons who were turned four the day after we got there and his one daughter who is five. Both of the boys are twins and are named Quinn and Cyrus. The girls name was Paige. On the twin’s birthday we went to the zoo. That day I learned that no matter how gross it sounds elephant ears are quite tasty. They taste mostly like funnel cake.

The rest of the day was Wii and cheese pizza with bacon. The next day we went to see the Intel building where my dad works when he comes to Oregon on business trips and went out to lunch with some of his co- workers. On the way home, we stopped by Sky High, a place full of trampolines. In one section, they had a foam pit. In another, they had dodgeball. The last one was a bunch of trampolines including slanted ones on the walls. By the time we got home it was like nine o'clock so we went to bed.

The next day we went to Mass at the church where I was baptized. After Mass, we headed to Cannon Beach. At Cannon Beach, there is this giant rock, Haystack Rock, which is in the movie, The Goonies. Sadly, it was closed because the tide was too high. We were looking in some of the tide pools and saw a hairy hermit crab. Then, we went to the Cannon Beach Bakery, and I got a giant M&M Cookie. It was good!

The last day of our stay, we went to Ape Cave. It is a lava tube on Mt. St. Helens that was made by lava flowing through it. It was pitch dark and everyone wore headlamps. In the middle of the cave, we came across a giant, 8-foot wall that we all managed to make it up. We were all pretty excited when we came out of the cave to see sunlight again.

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